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Beijing play life culture and Art limited company,W&G is a company specializing in the design, production, sale and collection of Arts and household products. We call the brand “play case”, just as the name implies is to play the style. In this way, it emphasizes life aesthetics, provides the popular culture products for the public, and has the products that inherit Chinese culture. The 10 new series of Chinese Zodiac products launched by the W&G brand have been listed on the market. As a brand of life aesthetics R & D to inherit the classic and create the fashion as the development goal, playing life has always tried to find the fit between the elegant art and the ordinary life. Not vulgar and mediocre, we expect to find exclusive beauty from every object in life. In addition, we also attach importance to communicating with all kinds of cultures in the society, engaging in various cultural exchange activities and various cultural exhibition projects.

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