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At VanGO, we strive at every turn to redefine the notion of what our clients will get from the trip. VanGO alone lets people discover Antarctica through the eyes of an ice breaker captain or an expedition leader, and introduces them into the local research station, through an exclusive meeting with a local scientist. Our approach is to provide the authentic information and original culture to our clients.

Through VanGO platform for the first-class traveling service providers, our clients can get updated travel information and quality consulting service. VanGO has closely worked with handpicked experts and quality service providers worldwide. We invite the expertise in luxury travel, culture, history, wildlife and adventure, to present directly to our clients, stimulating and strengthening their desire for embracing the whole world.

Dragon Pass

Established in 2005 DragonPass now has over 6 million members and over 100 clients around the world. Offering a world-class travel experience for both business and leisure travellers we are the fastest-growing lounge provider in the world.

We have a team of experienced leaders who bring a crucial blend of innovation, passion and experience who direct our team that extends across the globe in offices located in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Manchester.

Here at DragonPass we look after the world’s biggest names in banking, telecommunications and credit cards. We are there for all of their customers and provide multilingual support in our 24/7 call centre.

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