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One of the famous Chinese architects – Mr. Wang Gang, Beijing Architecture University Master Workshop / Wang Gang’s studio; China National Academy of Public Arts Research Institute -Researcher; CEO & Founder of URBANELEMENT ARCHITECTS INTERNATIONAL, UrbanElement was founded in 2006, Office in Beijing.

Finished Projects:

Public Architecture:  PHOENIX Satellite Television , ShenZhen;

China Unicom, Zhu Hai; Yi Hai Shopping Mall, Beijing; Bai Yun PLAZA, Beijing; Beijing DongSheng plaza; Fortune Building, Beijing; BD west – Bd, Beijing; YinKe plaza, Beijing; Lang Fang Conference Centre, He Bei; Beijing International Youth Camp; SanHe Dining Hall, Beijing; etc.

Residential Architecture: Xi Shan Villa, Beijing ; Tian Jin Old Town; New village of ShuCun;

Dong Zhou Mansion;  American Rock (Hou Xian Dai Cheng Compound)Beijing CBD ;

FuLi City Beijing CBD residential;  West DiaoYuTai State residential, Beijing;  SuiYuan Compound Beijing; Youth Apartment Beijing;  Songs & Sea residential; etc.

Others: Artwork -Rose Nuo; Tribute to bamboo at the Millennium Monument (Beijing Design Week); Richz chinas’art exhibition <Na Nian…Na Nian> artwork《Ci Shi》; etc.

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