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Progetto CMR, established in 1994 by Arch. Massimo Roj, is an architectural consultancy firm skilled in Architectural and Building Services Engineering integrated design. It is among the largest Italian design firms, listed in the World‘s Top 100 architectural firms chart issued by Building Design.

Progetto CMR headquarters is in Milan, with offices in Rome, Prague, Barcelona, Istanbul, Jakarta, Dubai, Chennai, Athens, Bahrain and Singapore. Progetto CMR is a member of the EAN (European Architects Network).

In 2003, Progetto CMR began his operation in China, opening operative offices in Beijing and Tianjin, providing consultancies for urban planning and masterplanning, architectural design, space planning and interior design.

Thanks to a multicultural and multi-disciplinary approach, its international design team provides innovative design schemes tailored to the needs of the Chinese market for residential, hotel, office, industrial, retail, and public spaces projects.

With 13 offices around the world and a staff of over 160 architects and engineers, Progetto CMR experience merges innovation and multidisciplinary competencies focusing on the improvement of the environment, both from a natural and built point of view.

Integrated design is Progetto CMR core method. Integration is the essential prerequisite to develop a Sustainable design which assures cost, time and quality control. The team supports Clients in achieving excellent results, adding sustainable value in all kind of projects, paying particular attention to changes and to innovative technologies.

The search of innovation is the engine that drives each project. Progetto CMR invests its resources to foster a cultural and designing change, which needs ongoing research, strong expertise and interdisciplinarity. The projects concretely show this approach, being driven by three main values: man, environment and economical sustainability.

Our vision is Less Ego more Eco: less personal interests and more collective interests, beneficial to the whole community.

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