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Paris couture
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About Paris couture wedding dress

Paris’s dress is headquartered in Guangzhou, is the Guangzhou fragrant Riel Garment Co., the company’s high-end dress brand.

In 2007 engaged in export processing business dress in Guangzhou, the garment quality requirements and the design process of the control has a strict professional considerations.

Products are exported to Europe and the United States already and many other areas.

“Paris” is the name English Paris transliteration, meaning originated in France, Paris, Paris, romantic and elegant fusion and fashion features, innovation and technology, combined with the beautiful, unique design of products, leading the trend, amazing!

Women around the world are looking forward to PARIS, the commodities include wedding dress, evening dress. No matter at the same level with the European and American brands in quality, packaging, to provide consumers with more elaborate gowns, blending Chinese and western. The pursuit of long-lasting classic brand positioning itself, with Paris in pursuit of eternal love is consistent.

The last century ninety’s, chief designer Mr. Petter. Paris dress in Hong Kong engaged in dress design, the dress pattern design has formed its own rigorous consideration of mechanism.

Each stitch is imprinted Paris logo, is our commitment to excellent quality, is also the only witness of love. We advocate that everyone should have the courage to pursue his true love, cherish your love. This is the original intention of brand creation, but also every Paris dress bearing the mission, it is each to find true love lover, to create a romantic eternal kingdom.

Propagation of Paris Couture has been committed to the love of culture, with “love” for you as a brand in its own cultural idea, advocate the love of the faith. This romantic love culture, let many lovers will Paris wedding love as a true belief, girls dream to be able to receive a Paris wedding, as a proof of love.

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