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NNS DESIGN&CONSULTANTS(Beijing),Co Ltd. is an interior design agency mainly engaged in hotels, luxury villas, real estate, model room, sales offices, VIP clubs, high-grade office buildings, as well as other areas. Our core team has designers with more than ten years of experience and are design experts in interior design.
Neverspace has consistently delivered exceptional service to its clients like LvCheng real estate, RongChuang real estate, Poly Real Estate, The first property, LongHu real estate, Country Garden Holdings, China real estate, ZhengRong real estate, ShiMao real estate, JinKe real estate and other real estate development enterprises in China. we have projects across the country of China, excluding Tibet and other remote areas of Qinghai. we have accumulated a wealth of quality resources to serve large number of large scale projects.
We adhere to the spirit of creativity and craftsmenship values such as ‘persistence’, ‘never give up’, ‘To inherit and pass on’ at the same time we are striving towards continuous improvement and innovation, so that each project is a new work of art. Our design concepts at Neverspace regularly exceed our client’s expectations and therefore allow us to establish ourselves as the ‘standard’ in design innovation.

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