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The International Education and Culture Alliance (IECA) is established to bridge the information gap about education resources and opportunities between students and educational institutions in China and the US and to provide customized services to help students and schools in both countries to meet their educational needs.

Our mission is to develop and promote cultural and educational exchange between US and China through specialized professional services.

IECA is run by dedicated professionals with experience in education who strongly believe in integrity and honesty. It focuses on educational counseling, the promotion of high-quality academic and training programs to prospective students and the establishment of cooperative educational programs between domestic and overseas schools.

IECA specializes in providing recruitment services for US schools, including high schools and colleges, and education counseling to Chinese students. It also serves as an intermediary between US and Chinese schools in the areas of program and curriculum design, marketing, student and faculty recruitment, and logistics and local operations.

Comprehensive services for schools:

• Student Recruitment for US Schools
Recruits quality students for boarding schools, community colleges and universities.
• Promotion of US Schools in China
Provides extensive marketing and promotion in China’s education market to build name recognition of US schools and enhance the awareness of their programs among parents, teachers and students.
• Study Abroad Programs for US Schools
• Joint Programs between US and Chinese Schools
Connects US and Chinese schools with complementary interests and objectives. Markets, promotes and sets up short-term and long-term joint programs between US and Chinese schools, including study abroad programs, executive training and joint degree programs.

Full services for students:

• Education and Career Planning (middle school and high school guidance)
Includes quarterly online meetings, and unlimited email correspondence. It covers course planning, scheduling, testing schedule, personalized reading list, extracurricular choices, summer plans, vacation plans, job choices, scholarships and community service.
• US High School Application Counseling
Includes unlimited online meetings, phone and email correspondence. Helps students navigate boarding school admission process, including choice of school, application, interview preparation and school selection after acceptance.
• College & University Application Counseling (universities, liberal arts colleges and community colleges)
Includes unlimited online meetings, phone and email correspondence. Takes students through the entire college admission process, including choice of college, application review, interview preparation, wait list/deferral strategies, financial aid/scholarships and college selection after acceptance.
• Campus Visit
Arranges campus visit tours for students and families.
• Extended Services after Arrival in US
Provides administrative support to students, including insurance, bank account and etc. Includes regular phone and email correspondences with parents, schools and students. Prepares written reports of student performance for parents.
• Career Advice & Job Placement
Includes job placement advice, job search skill training, thorough resume review with attention to specific industry needs, mock interviews and guidance and feedback.
• Visa and immigration
Provides legal counseling and visa/residency application support.

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