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Haus 658
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HAUS658, founded in 1978, with over 30 years of export market experience and launched in China in 1989, is the combination of Research &Development, Design and Marketing, all elements together to bring China a high-end home brand.

Our talented design team aims to provide Chinese consumers a unique shopping experience, HAUS658 attempts to bring creativeness to the people and into their home through décor and design.

Extensive Product Line
From classical to modern, from simple to extravagant, HAUS658 provides a full range of decorative products and ser- vices includes design consultation ser- vice, creative furniture, handmade bota- nicals, decorative lightings, home tex- tiles, and accessories etc.

Excellent Product Design
Each product from HAUS658 reflects the trend of the latest luxury home life style, giving each space a unique personality, temperament and ideology.

Professional One-Stop Service of Space Design Solutions.

With extraordinary Design concept and creative displaying skills, HAUS658 is known for its unique one-stop service of space solutions and consultation for professional interior designers, hotels, commercial spaces and homes.

HAUS658 is designated as the exclusive supplier of space accessories and solutions for many important events annually.

Unique Disposition of Spaces
HAUS658 endows each space with its own unique disposition, by integrating detail-oriented design and aesthetics. Each product is well positioned with impressive and boundless aftertaste

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