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Florida International University is truly an international institution and is as diverse as it gets. Sixty-five countries are represented in the Chaplin School’s student body alone. Aside from the worldwide study abroad opportunities available and the programs’ focus on global relevance, the students’ exposure to an international perspective begins on the first visit to campus. The Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management sits in one of the most strategic locations for any hospitality management school. 

South Florida is a global epicenter for the hospitality and tourism industries, and it is recognized as the gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean. Top hotel brands, restaurants, airlines, spas, clubs, golf destinations, and cruise lines call Miami their home. In fact, Miami is known as the cruise ship capital of the world. It’s no secret that South Florida’s combination of year-round warm, sunny days make it a magnet for people from all over the world. Its ideal geographic location turns it into an international hub, home to some of the world’s largest corporations. The powerful access to living-lab resources, employment opportunities, innovative concepts, and exposure to the extensive diversity within the industry is unmatched. Add to that the close proximity to mega theme parks in Orlando and Tampa, and the Chaplin School offers a unique educational experience. Students benefit greatly by gaining industry experience and knowledge that can more strategically open doors to a successful career. 

The integral elements of the School’s rise to prominence include industry-experienced, world-renowned faculty, unique location, quality curriculum, outstanding state-of-the-art instructional facilities, exceptional laboratories, and an unsurpassed network of support for students and graduates.

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