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Eat,Play &Love
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Welcome to Eat, Play & Love! We are a bilingual lifestyle application with an exclusive reservation feature that allows our users access to tables at restaurants across Shanghai, from ultra-high end venues to casual bistros. Additionally, we have an ordering component that allows our users to view menus, order meals, and pay–all through the application. We believe the best way to reward our loyal customers is by allowing them access to events and lifestyle opportunities, both around Shanghai and worldwide.

At EPL we know that everyone has 24 hours in a day–8 hours to work. 8 hours to sleep.

But we believe that what you do with the other 8 hours sets you apart from everyone else. In an ever changing and vibrant city such as Shanghai, the possibilities are infinite for what you can do with those 8 hours. Restaurant openings, DJ sets, art exhibitions, fashion galas—all at your fingertips.

We hope you will experience the true meaning of life—to eat, to play, and to love—with us, and we can’t wait to start this exciting adventure with you.

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