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“Carus is a premium brand, made in Germany. Carus products are significant because of their unique design, high-class materials and refined surfaces.

Simple forms, an uncluttered layout and high quality materials are the means to achieving timeless aesthetic presence. For their longevity, the devices are milled out of massive blocks of aluminum. The grinding by hand makes every product a unique item. After grinding, the product will have a chemical glance treatment and is anodized to get a hard and withstanding surface.

Prestigious awards such as Red Dot or iF Design Award prove us right. The special aesthetics of Carus is created by a combination of traditional craftsmanship and technological expertise. Carus products are not only timeless concerning design, but also concerning our choice of materials and the finish of surfaces. Therefore a Carus-product may look like new after 20 years in use. That’s what we call “.. a touch of eternity…”

Carus is a term out of the Latin language and means treasured, beloved, and highly valued. A Carus product is a visual statement of its owner, not to invest into the short-lived spirit of our time, but to express individuality, nobility and eternity.”

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