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Beijing Yacht Club
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Water is highly virtuous in that it benefits others yet does not contend; it breeds lives and embodies vital essence. As the tradition of ancient boating race evolves into today’s yacht voyage, the Beijing Yacht Club, a higher-end cultural brand established by Beijing Dragon Yacht Club Co, Ltd., is now inviting you to our water carnival.

Beijing Yacht Club was founded in 2012.The company dedicates to developing the top-level commercial cultural industry in China, and forging the first yacht club brand in the inland of China.

We have internationalized, professional and ideal yachts as well as facilities, to provide comprehensive services to our valued members, including yacht renting, modern office working, meeting, brand promoting, culture exchanging, entertaining, and many other services etc., to help our members to socialize and create more collaboration opportunities. With brand new on-water service project, our goal is to develop the first and best yacht club in Beijing.

Numerous rivers flow into the sea. Still water runs deep. The Beijing Yacht Club dedicates itself to becoming China’s top brand of yacht culture. In such a perfect condition as today’s we welcome you to realize the dream of yachting.

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