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AWP International
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China in the past two decades has been the star of a massive socio-economic growth, creating widespread prosperity in different areas of the country that saw the birth of modern cities, with an increasing degree of sophistication of the people who live there.

The Italian brands in China are recognized and appreciated in every product category, becoming synonymous in quality, tradition and innovation.

For position on the Chinese market, the intrinsic quality of the product itself is not enough, as they must be properly presented and distributed to the appropriate channels.

Assets such as relationships, networking, and knowledge of language are needed. Above all however, one must also be familiar with the ”non spoken language”: gestures, body language, and mentality.

AWP International is the brainchild of three young managers with:
– Significant managerial experience in international markets
– A deep knowledge of the Italian brand, their management structure, and business dynamics they have in place
– Significant experience in the Chinese market with considerable branching contact

and aims to become a point of reference for providing:
– Italian companies with a system of relations and investors interested in developing their brand and the products in the Chinese market.
– Investment opportunities to Chinese companies by tailoring a platform for different activities, products, brands in several categories (with partial or total acquisitions).

AWP International, the Art of Dealing with Italy

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