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Area-17 Architecture
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Area-17, also called Brodmann Area-17 or visual cortex, is the area of the brain that collects nerve impulses from the eyes. In this phase the space around us is just a sum of electric charges. Area-17 transforms those impulses into images and allows the brain to feel, explore and react to the surrounding environment. Area-17 is the core of the human visual experience.

Sharing the same cultural background developed at the University of Florence, Area-17 partners joined together to create an international design firm. Founded in Florence in 2004, Area-17 opened its first office in Beijing in 2005. A growing appreciation for the Italian design soon led to the opening of the Shanghai office, bringing Area-17 right into the core of the present Chinese growth. Currently, Area-17 also has offices in Hong Kong, Cuenca, Ecuador and a medialab in Sassari.

Area-17 is a full service architecture and interior design firm, whose philosophy of work is rooted in the Italian design culture. We proudly pursue the excellence of the Italian design, providing our clients with innovative design solutions, fulfilling their cultural, aesthetic, operational, and marketing objectives. The firm specializes in retail, hospitality and residential environments, with a focus on high-end and luxury sectors.

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