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With inheritance of England originated brand in translation and integration with profound deposits of Chinese culture, ANGEL has appealed to an elite team of translators and interpreters at home and abroad.

ANGEL offers a comprehensive portfolio of optimum services in terms of documentation translation, escort interpretation and localization programs.

ANGEL stands itself out with precise translation from and to 400 languages, escort interpretation for customers in 36 countries and perfect mastery over terminologies of all trades.

By complementary virtue of standardized management and strict confidentiality policies, ANGEL has won the credit as one of the few ISO certified professional providers of translation and interpretation services and has achieved the global reputation for serving tens of thousands of customers with credibility.

ANGEL’s “5 Hearts” service philosophy of being “warm-hearted, light-hearted, whole-hearted, patient-hearted and assuring-hearted” has been adopted thoroughly in everyday practices at all of its branches all over China.

Nationality sets us apart, while ANGEL draws us together!

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