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Back to Official media, the most authoritative luxury industry portal in China, and the leader of luxury bands advanced research over Chinese market., as the front of Chinese luxury market, attracts the public by the most advanced research results and practical development strategies in the Chinese luxury market. is originally inspired by ” Show off gorgeous, keep elegance”, and ” Create new version, invent new culture”. “Offer the best, broadcast the newest” is the team aim, spreading the best luxury trends with the best taste , updating the luxury life style with high quality.

Long Xi has the Network (, electronic journals, the World luxury Research Center and many other bodies have been gradually formed into a three-dimensional, professional, multi-level marketing industry service system. Based on the analysis from internet and databases, work through the media and luxury industry research, is aimed to build up a complete framework to offer the top luxury brands information, and to broadcast the newest trends and to make very valuable ma

rketing research.

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