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The residences at the ST. Regis Lijiang resort,the first ST. Regis residences in the Greater China market,the comfortable accommodations at the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain. When oriental inspiration meets occidental classics,when breathtaking landscapes merge with modern sensibilities,when traditional elegance is integrated with a spirit of nobility, ST. Regis Lijiang provides you the unrivaled choice for the elegant lifestyle in the best place.

Howard Johnson Lijiang resort, snow capped mountains at the foot of the last grain of pearl, occupy Yulong ecological protection belt last piece can be developed vacation planning land, north of the Yulong Snow Mountain, South according to Xiangshan, the state monopoly of secondary drinking water source Qingxi lake, close to the national 4A level scenic spot Black Dragon Pool, Dayan old town, Shuhe old town ring feeding around.

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