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Are you about to settle down or study in Canada? Are you looking for a commercial project to invest? Whether it is residential or commercial, we can provide you with:

  • Updated information
  • Objective analysis
  • Personalized services

SUTTON Group is one of the top real estate companies in Canada. Founded in 1983, it has 200 offices across Canada and 7,500 licensed realtors. The company’s total real estate transactions continue to exceed $35 billion (CAD) annually.

Based on your specific needs, we will assist you:

  • To learn the procedures to invest in real estate in Canada;
  • To familiarize with the social and economic environments in and around Montreal;
  • To find the properties or projects that best suit your needs;
    To negotiate during the purchase process;
  • To complete successfully business transactions.

Enriched information, personalized services, and follow-up supports are our strengths. Your needs and goals are central to each of our transactions.

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