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Rokka Constructions Team, has strategically invested only in places, considered as AAA.

In MEGANISI island, where the super wealthy and billionaires are investing in tourist properties and spending their summer vacations in magnificent Villas, swimming in crystal waters, enjoying the fresh sea food and luxury wine.

In the most luxurious areas of the capital of Democracy, ATHENS, where someone could reside combining the aura of one of the most ancient civilization with the most desirable luxury life. Study in the best universities, visit the private nightclubs and taste the mediterranean and global cuisine in the amazing restaurants.

Those two parts of Greece, MEGANISI and ATHENS are offering a strong investment model to those looking to invest in Greece.

Rokka Constructions Team, guarantees a Rental Return for at least 5 years, as well as, after sales services to its Clients.

It would be our pleasure to offer you our services.

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