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RE/MAX Vancouver, Canada; RE/MAX Sunshine Coast, Canada; John Carlisle Canadian Lawyer. The 3 of us are committed to helping you buy real estate in Canada plus assist with the legal paperwork.

Vancouver is a beautiful and free place to live. Our schools and universities are excellent. Real estate is a very safe investment in Canada. We have no restrictions on foreign ownership, so everyone is welcome.

1) REMAX Vancouver; Glenn Warren will assist you in the purchase of a beautiful home in Vancouver or find a perfect investment property. The Great Vancouver is a popular summer holiday destination and a great place to invest in or retire. Honest, 25-year experienced professional service from Glenn and his translator who speaks Mandarin.

2) RE/MAX Sunshine Coast is only 40 minutes away from Vancouver. Bob Michor has been selling the Sunshine Coast life style for over 20 years. He can help you buy property in British Columbia or Alberta in Canada. The Sunshine Coast Waterfront is a popular and unique investment. Come for the fresh air and relaxed lifestyle.

3) John Carlisle Law Corporation is a full-service law firm based in Vancouver that assists investors to prosper in Canada. Working with our team of Legal Professionals, Realtors, and Immigration Experts, we provide investors and their families with the opportunity to invest, immigrate, and establish a life in Canada. We speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

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