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Predator Ridge is located in Kelowna in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. It is known as Canada’s premier golf resort community, has successfully hosted the World Skins Game, and one of the best golf resorts in North America.

Kelowna is an elegant town in the Okanagan Valley. Beautiful sceneries, fruit base, and world class wineries. The Okanagan has been described as Napa of the North.
Predator ridge is a large, mature, leisure community, can enjoy the best golf vacation.
Approximately 1937-2153sq.ft, luxurious two-bedroom suites, refined decoration, make a down payment of $159,900. It can produce generous rental return.
Kelowna has achieved sustained and rapid economic development, is Canada’s most appreciation potential of real estate area.
Land ownership in fee simple is permitted under Canada law, there is no inheritance tax and provide a global asset allocation environment. It is the best means to protect the security of assets.

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