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M&G is headquartered in Florida, the business in China that has sped over most tier one and tier two cities, such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Ordos and Qingdao etc. We not only introduce the high quality project with perfect property right to China market, but also provide the whole package of professional after sales service, such as HOA, account management, property tax, housing lease and resale etc. to domestic home owner. Meanwhile, we combined WELLS FARGO and HSBC to provide a tailored consultation service for client, help you plan what is the best option for your investment, give you convenient loan conditions.

M&G has best project on both East and West coasts mainly focus on Los Angeles, San Francisco in California and Miami, Orlando in Florida. The world well-known high-end community Beverly Hills and Palm Beach Island also located in M&G service area. Those two states have the most beautiful atural scenery, the most stable economy growth and high quality life environment. Those are all the main factors in choosing the right house, also are the biggest advantage in immigration.

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