We are the first profit-sharing wealth group in the United States and the leader of the new generation Agency. For many years after its establishment, with Los Angeles as the center, it actively opened a number of branches including the Irvine Conference Center, the Irvine Business Center and the Eastern District Business Center (non-independent brokerage offices) ), the property has more than 30,000 square feet, and its contracted brokers are all over the United States, so that customers can sign orders all over the United States.

The group’s business covers a wide range of services, with specialized insurance/annual business as the center, and also provides exclusive customized services for high-net-worth customers, involving real estate, law, tax, education, health, actuarial, and travel , Training, trust, cross-border asset allocation, wealth management and other various industries and fields, positioning in multi-level service to global Chinese customers, customized and diversified configuration, providing unique high-end portfolio strategies to help customers achieve assets Value preservation and appreciation, orderly inheritance, and achieving a win-win situation among customers, brokers and the group.

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