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Our Team brings many benefits to our clients. First, our Team canmcommunicate in Chinese and English to provide the client accurate translation and understanding for their needs. We can provide or help our clients find important legal counsel to properly secure our clients’ needs. Second, each of us is knowledgeable in our Areas of the Country and has access to other professionals in every part of the Country. Currently the Team covers New York, California and Florida and can help our clients’ find a Home or investment properties.

We can also help our clients’ find the proper company for the best EB-5 Investment. Our Team can help the client navigate through the purchasing a Home, land, building development, to managing the leases for the client. Keller Williams is the World’s Largest Real Estate Franchise with over 125,000 Agents in more than 20 Countries. Our team is Worldwide and we can help you with all your Real Estate Investment needs. Please contact us for more information.

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