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While the Los Angeles vacation rental market has swiftly grown in popularity, ELH is on the forefront of this market, raising the bar on high end, fully furnished, short-term accommodations. We offer an unprecedented portfolio of hand-selected villas and estates accompanied by personalized five star service and VIP concierge. Our highly regarded reputation and impeccable service has congregated a hefty amount of frequent, affluent clients over the
past decade and we are eager to bring this business to a whole new and revolutionized concept.

ELH is adding to its portfolio of properties a collection of new luxurious villas fully owned and completely designed by our experienced team. From the location of the homes, to their amenities and design. Everything is meticulously selected to insure to exceed the expectations of our valued guests. No elements are overlooked to create the ideal traveling experience. This unique concept doesn’t only provide an exceptional quality level and service within the property. In fact, renters can get the Elite key to all the VIP events and nightlife throughout this glamorous city. We can take you beyond the red velvet ropes of the most desirable parties, shows and movie premieres.

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