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Choi International offers new high end luxury condominiums and incomparable estate properties in Hawaii.

The fundamental attractions of Hawaii are raising families, retiring and vacationing in a picture perfect, healthy and safe environment which has attracted wealthy individuals from around the world and those looking for a winter escape, like U.S. President Obama.

The founders of E-Bay, Oracle, Facebook, and renowned developers from China to name a few, have chosen to buy or invest properties in Hawaii for these reasons:

1. Hawaii is known throughout the world as a “Paradise” of temperate weather and international cultures. Hawaii is perfectly located between China and mainland U.S., and there are daily flights from Beijing and Shanghai to Honolulu.

2. A Lifestyle that Promotes Long Life:

A) Clean air from ocean breezes.
B) Pure Water: Naturally filtered.
C) World Class dining and shopping experiences: High end restaurants and the world’s largest open-air shopping mall.
D) Quality private schoolssuch as President Obama’s preparatory academy.
E) Exceptional medical care is available.
F) Activities: Best beaches in the worldfeaturing a variety of ocean activities; world class sporting activities.
G) Long Life: Hawaii residents have one of the longest life expectancies in the world

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