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Welcome to XGame Time! It’s a place to enjoy the excellent winter sports and extreme sports worldwide.

Found in 2018, XGame Time is a social media of pan-extreme sports. It grew out of a 13 years snowboarding club, which is one of the earliest social organization in China for promoting snowboarding.

XGame Time is focused on winter sports and all kinds of extreme sports, including skiing, skating, suffering, windsurfer, rock climbing, motorcycle, BMX, down hill, kitesufering, diving, Parkour, skateboard, paragliding, and so on.

In XGame Time, you will find articles with pictures or video in terms of news, technical knowledge, stories, events, games, interviews of extreme sports and people who give great contribution on. XGame Time is aimed to present and promote the sport and spirit of extreme sports, and become a social platform for all fans.

XGame Time has all kinds of online media forms of website, wechat, blog, toutiao, sohu, neteast, baidu, zhihu, and so on. It builds a integrated communication to the audience.

With the coming 2022 Winter Olympics, XGame Time presents a brand-new series called “WS100”(100 people of the winter sports). This program will interview 100 people who make contribution on all kinds of winter sports in China, so that to present the development of the winter sports in China.

XGame, it’s a sport, a kind of people, and also a spirit; Time, it’s past, present, and future. Time is eternity, but XGame is infinite. Only who breaks the limit can find out the extremely moment.
XGame Time, explore better you.

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