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Valode & Pistre
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VP architectural design firm is one of the ten famous design firms in Europe and the largest architectural design firm in France. The firm was founded in 1980 by Mr. Denis Valode and Mr. Jean Pistre. Both presidents are members of the French academy of architecture, in which Mr. Denis Valode has long taught in the department of architecture of the prestigious ecole des beaux-arts in Paris.

As a brand, Valode & Pistre, or “VP” for short, has established design companies in Paris, France, Beijing, China, Moscow, Russia and dubai, united Arab emirates. To date, VP has attracted more than 200 architects, planners and interior designers from 15 different countries.

VP has four internal branches: architectural design company, urban planning company, architectural structure technology company and interior design company. The main design works of VP are distributed in 16 countries and regions around the world, mainly including large public buildings, commercial centers and residential areas, such as office buildings, hotels, international exhibition and conference centers, scientific research centers, museums, universities, hospitals, comprehensive commercial centers, hotels and high-end residences.

Denis VALODE and Jean PISTRE and the company’s lead architect — each of them an expert in architectural design, management and international affairs. The lead architect ensures that a project is developed and developed in accordance with the macroscopic concept that it should have; The architect in charge of the scheme is responsible for the building’s depth and development to every detail.

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