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SHINEHYMN has been dedicated to the exploration and research of Chinese traditional culture, especially focused on the noble and elegant ruby and sapphire. It integrates the freehand,beauty and oriental charm of Chinese culture into resplendent jewelry craft design to create the Chinese fashion of colored gemstones.
SHINEHYMN has an entire closed-loop chain of gemstone mining, cutting, designing, selling and after-sale service. Therefore, it can control every specific link and make every detail refined to ensure that all the clients of SHINEHYMN can have the best experience.
As the only designated brand directly supplied by Sri Lanka’s state-owned gem mines to China, SHINEHYMN jewelry is rich in gem mineral resources.
The quality of every product can also be guaranteed with the professional team of designers.
It has its own jewelry processing base in China, and every piece of work comes from the pure handwork of a jewelry craftsman with more than 20 years of craft experience.

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