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Extreme to the Beauty, Beauty in the Heart

Beijing Persian world trading Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign cooperative enterprise specializing in top handmade Persian carpets with registered fund of RMB 10 million, dedicating to promote historical and splendid Iranian culture and art, in hope of becoming the bridge of Sino-Iranian culture and art communication.

Having the vision of guiding Chinese market of top carpets and becoming the most representative carpet seller, Persian world expects to make life honorable and artistic by spreading the idea of combining world’s top handmade Persian carpet art with delicate lifestyle. It promotes antique noble lifestyle, encouraging people to share their wonderful lives with more social elites.

With rich experience of managing Persian carpet business from our Iranian partner President Mohsen and grasp of local luxury market from our Chinese investors, we are building our marketing network actively. In 2014, we will open 30 retail stores in top ten cities of China, and the number will increase to 100 retail stores in twenty cities by 2015. Our team will provide professional service with sincerity, carefulness and diligence to every customer.

Many centuries ago, Persian carpet had become widely revered in the East and the West. It was favored by its fine texture, pristine and elegant motifs as well as delicate handicraft, which was used by Persian palaces, European royalty, Vatican and noble curtilages. While today when everything can be easily copied in the era of science and technology, more and more people are looking for unique and exquisite beauty, and social elites start to go after top handmade products. Due to its distinctive taste as well as collection and investment value (which will become the symbol of new nobles’ social status and taste), handmade Persian carpet will definitely become the next luxury favorite of nobles.

From its birth till now, Persian carpet has gone through about four thousand years. It has been using incomparable natural raw materials, dyeing with surpassingly beautiful colors extracted from nature along the Silk Road, inheriting almost the same unique weaving craft, and the competition among places of production due to their material and design difference developed to the extreme. A treasurable carpet handed down from ancient times is a combination of natural gift, handicraft, deconstruction of architecture, art of painting, humanistic philosophy, spiritual yearning, as well as plenty of life pursuit.

As the time goes by, what we pursue upgraded from material abundance to spiritual sublimation. By running the beauty business, we hope to bring our lives closer to this kind of elegant, ancient and creative artwork, exploring the possibility of flawlessness in our imperfect lives and enjoying the passion of beautiful lives in a real world.

Chrisitine Zitong Huang
General Manager
Persian world trading Co., Ltd.

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