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M&T ART is devoted to seeking and developing new artists. Based on the status of art creation and market in China, as well as important standards of handwork and painting to select artists, M&T ART actively focuses on the recommendation of various artistic categories including painting, performance, device, sculpture, media and image. It is our long-term goal to promote the continuous invigoration and depth development of new arts and to win international respect with judgment, non-kitsch, non-conformity and variety from perspectives of art and China. Besides, we have collected considerable excellent modern artistic works and promote modern young arts in China through high quality and continuous art exhibitions. We will support Chinese young arts, promote artistic creativity and make it continuously active as always.

M&T ART is located in the art park with numerous artists which is far away from metropolis and city center. We are always committed to the continuity of era, longs for engagement in compiling the poem of wonderful modern arts that inherits the past and ushers in the future, and has provided opportunities for art lovers to appreciate works of international art masters which are created by artists and display their artistic experiences, thus realizing a dual communication experience between artists and collectors.

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