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Mr. Dandy
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Mr. Dandy Bespoke Menswear is different with traditional bespoke. It combines class tailor skills and modern design together to redefine what is bespoke. Since 2014, Mr. Dandy becomes one of the most famous bespoke menswear brands. Included Beijing’s flagship store, Mr. Dandy also established stores in Shanghai and Shenzhen. The client groups contains almost the all elite of commercial, sports and entertainment fields in China. Fashion magazine Esquire elected the suit win the best formal wear of the year which designed by Mr. Dandy’s founder, Hu Zhen.

Hu Zhen graduated from Columbia University in the City of New York and worked several months at Wall Street. This experience deeply influents his design style and lay a solid foundation of Mr. Dandy’s born. It is said his unique design provide a whole new vision of Chinese bespoke industry. There is a distinct golden dot on every piece of Mr. Dandy’s suit’s Milanese bottom hole that is also design by Hu Zhen. He always insisted use the best traditional handcraft to design the menswear everlasting classic.

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