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Liu Fu Tuang Wrokshop
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Brand Culture of “Liu Fu Tung”

“Liu Fu Tung” is a cultural and creative brand dedicated to integrating culture and art into life. It conveys a culture, an art, and a thought through closer-to-life products.

In today’s age of abundance, we should seek breakthroughs in intelligent thinking, rather than simply enjoying the luxury enjoyment brought about by material wealth, and we should search for the human nature.

We aim to convey a profound thinking with concrete articles, transforming from the civilization of the present material into the fruits of thought, and let the behavior of art show the regeneration of civilization.

All we can make is a commodity, an object, but it is also an expression of a thought, a willing expression.

All these may not really bring anything, it might be just the slightest movement in the heart.

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