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The LEICHT, a top cabinet brand from German, was founded in 1928 by brothers Alois and Josef Leicht. Like other German brands founded in Swabian, such as Daimler Benz, Bosch and Porsche, they’ve inherited the industrial precision aesthetics of Deutsch. In the past 90 years, the enterprise has always been keeping an entrepreneurial spirit of precision, purity, high-quality and high standard. Based on the perfect technics, fine quality and distinguished functions, formed incredible individual style. The brand has not only won the affirmation of numerous international awards such as Reddot, iF & imm, but also established its status as a pacemaker in the top cabinet market, and become a first choice for billionaires, royal nobilities and top flats all over the world.

BEIJING LP Group, as the universal agent of German Rolls Cabinet, has been providing high-quality luxuries-German Rolls’ Products, for customers in the market of China’s mainland in the past decades, during which the company won the compliments of all the cooperators. The company was awarded the Cup of New Landed PropertyExcellent Brand Suppliers, the Award of Excellent Industry by Department of Housing and Infrastructure, the Second Prize in the GLOBAL KITCHEN DESIGN competition, the Coordinated Brand of Beijing Design Week, the Cooperated Unit of Excellent Brands in the event DESIGN SHANGHAI in 2018, and many times the Title of Excellent Agent by the cooperative developer.

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