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JOY EL International Academy
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JOY EL International Academy is situated perfectly in the center of the international schools area, with easy access to major transportation routes. All areas on campus, landscape and buildings, are coordinated to create an atmosphere of harmony, and a balance between activity and peacefulness. At JOY EL, we believe that every child has limitless ability, every child has a divine spark in his/her heart,every child can be proud of his/her extraordinary talent, every child is born with creativity. In this school, we strive to create a suitable environment for creativity, provide more choices, tap the potential of children, and give them the freedom to discover and explore ,adhering the motto of “Set yourself free”. “To develop our students to become intelligent individuals with sound judgement and good character”. This is the mission of JOY EL. “Enjoying happiness and prosperity while respecting the world around us” is the vision for everyone at JOY EL. Let’s grasp this opportunity through education to make it a better one.

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