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Haituo Valley International Tourist Resort
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Haituo Valley International Tourist Resort (host of Zhangjiakou Travel Conference in 2019) is located in Haituo Mountain Scenic Area, Yanqing District, Beijing. It is located on the east side of Haituo Mountain Camping Holy Land, the second peak of Beijing. It is adjacent to the Winter Olympics Alpine Rapid Drop Competition Site in 2022. It is 130KM away from Beijing District and belongs to the ecological conservation area of Beijing. Its average altitude is 1300 meters (the most livable height for human beings), and it has no season. Haze area (10000 Mu original forest, 360 degree mountain scenery surrounded, natural oxygen bar), known as Asia’s “world sanatorium”, surrounded by Chongli Ice and Snow Resort, Cuiyun Mountain Scenic Area, Yudu Mountain Scenic Area, Longqing Gorge Scenic Area, Guyaju Scenic Area, Pingbei Anti-Japanese Memorial Hall, Songshan Natural Park and other national 3A-level tourist attractions. Haituo Valley International Tourist Resort, along 25 km of Haituo Mountains, with the orientation of family vacation complex, has built five 4A-level international tourist resort scenic spots (Yanjiaping ~Ice and Snow Sports Resort Area; Jiangzhuangzi ~Agricultural Hot Spring Resort Area; Caiyaozi ~Extreme Sports Resort Area; Shijiacun ~Competitive Sports Resort Area; Beishan ~Fairy Town Resort Area), Haituo International Travel Area. The resort area consists of 10,000 international high-end hotel clusters (Asia’s largest RV hotel, Alpine Luxury Wild Tent Hotel, Forest Westernized House Hotel, Swiss Regiment Villa Hotel, Manpo Villa Hotel, Skiing Hotel, Hot Spring Kangyang Hotel, Fairy Tale Tree House Hotel, Mountain Residence Characteristic Residence) and 100 scenic commercial plazas (Milon Town Commercial Plaza, Swiss Regiment Villa Commercial Street Center, RV Commercial Street). Centers, Swiss duty-free boutiques, ski resort business halls, etc.), 100 theme parks (RV Park, Black Pine Forest Riding Park, Black Pine Forest Hiking Park, Black Pine Forest Outdoor Development Park, Off-road Home Car Park, Competitive Sports Park, Extreme Exploration Valley, 2022 Olympic Park, Cardin Theme Park, Organic Planting Experience Park, Mengdao Ranch, etc.). Hundreds of scenic spots (10,000 mu of native birch forest, 1,000 mu of black pine forest, 10,000 mu of Gesang Huahai, mountain cross-country biking road, 11 km mountain forest walkway, Valley pasture, 1473 mountain top cafe, Asia’s largest housing car resort park, alpine skiing hall, black pine star camping base, birch forest hot pot restaurant, 100 mu of Swan Lake, mountain top Michelin restaurant, Swan Lake) Netred Restaurant, Heidelberg Restaurant, 10,000 mu Birch Forest International Children’s Industrial Valley, Swiss high-end family ski resort, 10,000 mu Gesang Huahai, 18 km Huahai Tourist Bus, 18 km Huahai Walk Road, covering six major tourism service sections of eating, living, shopping and entertainment, to create a 25 km family tourism and vacation system.

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