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Founded in 1991, DeDeJ Architects U.S.A is an international architectural and landscape design firm located at 22 Street Manhattan, New York. It has been highly recognized by world-wide clients through its unique and creative design in large-scale planning, commercial complex, residential buildings, and landscape design projects.
DeDeJ Architects Beijing was established in 2002 as a subsidiary office based in China. Formed by a group of young architects with international backgrounds, DeDeJ has always been a professional team with international vision. We aspire to create thoughtful, elegant, contemporary architecture that exceeds our client’s expectations. Through superior design we can raise the intrinsic value of products, harmoniously combining real estate development and design ideas.
DeDeJ is committed to urban planning, architecture, landscape, art design, and scheme proposals. Design phase covers the concept design, project design, preliminary design, and in terms of the special projects the firm’s services also includes on-site technical cooperation with comprehensive professional services.
Through constant exploration, investigation, and analysis of market cases, the front-end work of designers gradually extends to market positioning and market analysis. Considering things from different perspectives like development or design and combining the plan and design together helps owners accurately capture the information about the development of the market. Additionally, scientifically analyzing the present commercial activities helps us lay the foundation to construct successful architecture projects within today’s market.
DeDeJ Architects believe that the details determine quality; profession determines value; attitude determines success or failure; and the process determines the results. This is one of the firm’s corporate cultures and the concept of the practitioners’ framework. Our firm’s constant understanding of this maxim resonates in the hearts of our architects, gradually being absorbed into a tangible quality and melting into a way of life.

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