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Copper life
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The brand concept for “ZhuBingren•Copper”——
Copper shines life

The “ZhunBingren•Copper” is inherited from the copper art family-“Zhufu Copper Art”.Since 1875(the end of Qing Dynasty),it originated from the literary and distinguished family in Shaoxing,it has been passed down from generation to generation and has been famous for generation.

The fourth generation is ZhuBingren,the national Master of Arts and crafts. He inherits his ancestors’love for copper. He started from making the copper signboard and he has won the monopoly of more than 100 copper buildings in China and won the inheritance of the intangible cultural heritage of the copper field reputation.

The founder of “ZhuBingren•Copper”—ZhuJunmin is the son of ZhuBingren and the fifth generation of the “Zhufu Copper Art”.. He is an artist and entrepreneur of talents. In 2005, he served as the chairman of JinXing Copper Enginerring Co.,Ltd., and is committed to transforming traditional handicraft enterprise into the largest high-tech cultural and creative ones in China’s copper development area. In recent years,under his leading, the team has finished copper decoration project of the main venue for national Summit such as G20 Hangzhou, the BRICS XiaMen and SCO QingDao.

Since it’s inception,”ZhuBingren•Copper” has been adhering to the concept of “Copper shines life”, advocating the close relationship between copper and life, letting copper return to the Chinese family.Products covers tea,censer,flower element related daily appliances,four treasures and fengshui topic,sculptures made as gift,furniture,murals,molten copper art and other indoor design serials,The brand cooperates with many domestic museums and scenic spots in the area of cultural related background products creation. In 2013,”ZhuBingren•Copper” settled in Beijing Forbidden City,developing products with cultural elements and became the first brand member as the creator for cultural related artwork located in Qianlong Garden. The work has been used as the national gift for foreign guests on special occasions, leading the custom-made brand of national gifts

In the future,”ZhuBingren•Copper” hopes that by the efforts,the traditional copper culture will be circulated through the interpretation of modern aesthetic in spite of less inheritance for traditional Chinese handicrafts.

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