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Common Art Center is a modern gallery co-designed by legal consultant of 1989 Crowd-funding Cafe and participants under the academic host of Peng Feng. “Paper” device exhibition is the opening exhibition of Common Art Center. The works considering paper as media and media material is the main direction of study, because such art works play an important role in the Chinese art system and have a broad development prospect in the future. The excellent artists who taking paper and folk art as the media can make it resist to their fortunes as a tool, and let them get over its functional cover and reveal its value.

Before that, the mobile art project affiliated to Common Art Center has been started in 2011, engaging in academic exhibition planning and publication of academic books and journals, as well as academic exchange for international cultural art, co-organizing joint exhibition of works created by artists from China and South Korea, participating assessment work of South Korea section as invited, and holding many times of European art exhibition. The mobile art invites Mr. Fan Dian to act as the academic host, and deputy dean of School of Art Peking University as the editor. Up to now, 18 academic books have been published and over 30 large and small academic exhibitions have been organized.

In the era when the Chinese modern art gradually returns to rationality, the pure gallery operating mode will not meet the artwork purchasing status of the publics. More collectors are willing to pay more energy and money to measure and consider the modern art. They are willing to participate in the development and promotion of modern arts materially and substantially. The crowd funding mode of Common Art Center provides nourishing soils to such high-end groups, in which collectors can collect some desired works in a price lower than market price, and participate in the growth of artists and the development of Art Center. Professional lecture and salon activities in Collectors’ Service Center are customized for different types of collectors. Serving collectors with heart and soul and understanding the final demand of collectors are the initial intention and ultimate objective of Common Art Center. From the aspect of artist, rational price drop causes a psychological gap from the era when any works can be sold with a good price. The excellent artists are good at dealing with such a drop and devote themselves to works creation without distractions. They don’t haggle over the price, but go back to the original value which should be kept. The current living situation of artists is one significant reason that Common Art Center chooses to operate the crowd funding project in this time.

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