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Founded in September, 2015, Beijing Zai Art Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as (‘Zai Art’) is a domestic leading mobile internet company covering the perpendicular sectors of art. The Company is dedicated to aggregating production and output competence of artistic content. By making use of internet technology means and platform preponderances, it attempts to build a domestic frontline brand on artistic life and services, offers high-quality art consumption services and business instruments to global art fans and professional personnel and takes the lead in the new vogue of a qualified life in the information age.

Its major business lines covers Art Content Community carrying networking attribute, application of art life and services (Zai Art APP), high-end activity originality and scheming services in professional culture and art, production of public education videos and so forth. Its Zai Art App is noted for offering ample most resourceful messages, live show of public education activities, sharing by and interaction with the most vibrant users and other forms. Tallying over 3.5 million users, it is by far the largest art platform at the mobile end in China.
Zai Art App
The largest social networking media on art and application of art life and services, it is a one-stop community featuring ticketing services for art shows/publicity platform and living means of art. With more than 3.5 million users, it covers multiple sectors covering art, internet, finance, property and the like.

Zai Art Activities
By giving play to the platform advantages, aggregating first-rated specialists, art organizations and high-end field resources, it utilizes outstanding content production and output competence to offer high-quality salon services on culture and art to ‘highly-intelligent and middle-class’ hierarchy.

Zai Art videos / Zai Art Live
It offers professional video production services and Live broadcasting services covering documentary of art activities, publicity of displays, theme videos by artists or their activities. It has formed long-term partnership on video images and live broadcasting with art museums,galleries,auctions ,art fairs, and Huawei, Hermes, Hyundai Motor by pumping out outstanding video productions at regular intervals.

Zai Art App
Zai Art App is a front-edge networking media on art and application of art life and services. It is aimed at being built into a one-stop commu-nity on ticketing services of art shows/publicity platform and living means of arts. Offering the latest art shows and city-wide artistic activities to over 80 cities worldwide, it encourages users to make comments on, take record of and share their own views on art and their art life in the form of image-text notes or videos.
3.5 million users product publicity, marketing, black tech, ticket,reputation,Share latest message on art from over 80 cities worldwide.

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