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Beijing Jinbitang Cultural Development Co., Ltd.
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Beijing Jinbitang Culture Development Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting traditional Fresco art in China. Mr. Liu Zheng, the founder and legal person of the company, is the only artist in China who has mastered the traditional techniques of Fresco and the transfer. Liu Zheng’s Fresco collection consists largely of imitation paintings of those from Dunhuang, Yonglegong and Fahai Temple, all of which serve as a lens into ancient religions and cultures. The originals are now scattered all over the world. At the meantime, he focuses on Fresco techniques and new creation , for expressing his artistic emotion .
Beijing Jinbitang Cultural Development Co., Ltd. was established in June 2017. The company is headquartered in Fangshan District, Beijing. And the studio is located in Tongzhou District, Beijing. The company has sales department, public relations department, design department, finance department and administrative department .
Beijing Jinbitang Cultural Development Co., Ltd. is the only institution in China that specializes in promoting, displaying and selling Frescoes. It also organizes and co-organizes academic seminars on Fresco and related commercial cooperation.

Main business :
Acting and selling Mr. Liu Zheng’s Frescoes, including original works, reproductions, prints and related derivatives.

Introduction of Fresco techniques and Transfer techniques:

The paintings painted with mineral pigments on fresh wet lime mud walls are called Fresco. It is an ancient and mysterious painting. It was used in ancient Egypt and recorded in ancient Rome. The real “Fresco” began in the period of Cimabue, Italy. Giotto, the great artist of the fourteenth century, first used the traditional and regular techniques of Fresco to make pictures, and optimize the materials and painting techniques to make them perfect. Giotto, Pierre de la Francisco, Raphael, Michelangelo and other artists have created a large number of Frescoes, such as 《Genesis》, 《The Last Judgment》, 《Athens College》, 《The Kiss of Judah》 and so on. The process of making Fresco is is always with carbonization, and Fresco is the most durable and solid painting skill so far. Fresco is made of lime which need to be boiled with over 900 degrees high temperatures , and plastered for 6 to 12 months after boiled. For make the base, it need to add river sand without alkaline mineral salts. The painting has to be finished before the lime wall is dried. Once an there is some error in the drawing process, it can not be modified, but can only be erased and restarted. Because of the complex and strict process of Fresco production, the high production cost and the strict requirements for the painters and basic materials, each link is particularly critical, so few artists are engaged in this kind of painting.

Because Fresco and walls are integrated, the display space of this wonderful skill is greatly limited. Being benefit by the application of traditional wall transfer technology, the surface of Fresco can be transferred to linen or any proper carrier, then polished, repaired and colored, Fresco can be displayed in any space like other paintings.

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