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Architecture, Urbanism & Interior Design

Spain:​S/C de Tenerife & Madrid​​​​

Picazo Architects is a world class award winning architectural firm with an international reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of architectural design. Our main headquarters is based in Santa Cruz deTenerife – Canary Islands, Spain. We also have offices in Madrid – Spain, Monterrey – Mexico and Beijing – China.

Founded in 1972 by Jorge Picazo, Picazo Architects has worked on more than 1,500 projects, always guaranteeing high quality modern sustainable designs and innovative ideas within the budgets set by the Client.

Picazo Architects has undertaken projects all across Europe, Africa, South America, USA, Middle East and China and has been awarded with numerous design and construction international awards worldwide.

Our professional experience ranges from residential developments to airports, hospitals, hotels, luxury villas, offices, mixed use, industrial parks, high rise towers, museums, libraries, sporting venues, shopping malls, touristic resorts, concert halls, auditoriums, theatres, schools, urban planning, interior design, landscape design, product design and construction amongst others.

All our design teams have a vast experience working on large, medium and smaller scale projects, using sketches, models, state-of-the-art digital tools and visualization technologies to provide our buildings with the most energy-efficient and sustainable credentials possible.

We are committed to make a change in the world and, with our unique vision and expertise on sustainability and energy-efficiency design, minimize the environmental impact of our buildings on Earth.

“To conceive a unique and sustainable design, experience and talent only takes you half way there. The rest comes from designing from your heart and your eternal love for your profession.” – David Picazo.

The works, awards and projects by Picazo Architects have been largely published in architecture books, magazines, websites and different international media since we started trading as a professional design company more than 47 years ago.

Our current C.E.O. David Picazo has also attended hundreds of international forums, interviews and conferences in his efforts to keep sharing his views and opinions on the importance of sustainable, energy-efficient design.

David Picazo ​​​
Chief representative ​​

Address: ​BWCG PLAZA, 3rd Floor,
​​N.3 Wanliu Bridge
​​Fengtai District
​​Beijing, P.R. China

Tel: ​​+86 136 2108 5028 ​
E-mail: ​[email protected]
Website: ​


BWCG Plaza 3rd. Floor , South West 3rd. Ring Road​​​
No. A3 Wanliu Bridge, Fengtai District​​​​​
100070 Beijing, China​​​​​​

Email:​[email protected]​​​​​ / ​[email protected]​​​​​
(Office): +86 010 5325 7235
(Mobile): +86 139 1184 0828

Web: ​

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