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Tong Gallery +Projects
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Located in Beijing 798 Art District, Tong Gallery+Projects was found in 2015. The gallery focuses on discovering young artists with particular potentials in China and abroad; presenting professional and high-quality exhibitions; and conducting interactive projects with experimental and explorative significance.

The gallery has successfully organized 13 solo shows, 4 project shows and 3 group show over the past 3 years. It has continually introduced several young artists, including Chinese Artists, such as Cai Dongdong, Wen Yipei, Liu Xia, Tao Yi, Zhang Xinyi, Zhang Huairu , Sun Xiaokang, Lan Zhaoxing, Sun Yu; and British artist Mark. It drives much attention from professional collectors, mainstream art media and many people within the industry. For instance, Cai Dong-dong’s solo show “Falling Stone” and Liu Xia’s “Holy Painting” were followed and reviewed by the most academic ARTFORUM; Wen Yipei’s “Visible In Visible Spaces” was appreciated by many professional collectors; Zhang Xinyi’s “icon” gained astonishing publicity, media coverage and forwarding rate, and it once became hotspot among art media, mass media, new media and WeChat circles.
Tong Gallery+Projects takes an active part in cooperation with curators, artists and other agency to promote contemporary art. In November 2015, the gallery collaborated with Sishang Art Museum to organize the resident exhibition for artist

Brian; in October 2016, Tong Gallery+Projects hosted the “Quartet” video exhibition, with the field support from Cipa Gallery. Both inspire our further exploration in experimental projects and curatorial ideas to become a more mature and professional art agency.

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