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Schelbach Home
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Siegfried Schelbach has been a successful designer of furniture for the German and international markets for 40 years. He is assisted by his wife Doris, an interior stylist, whose special skill lies in creating elegant living environments. Both also instilled a love for furniture in their son Andre Schelbach, who followed in his father’s footsteps to become a respected and award-winning furniture designer.


Together, the Schelbach family stand for experience and innovation, ensuring that knowledge and skills are being continuously developed and that their furniture will continue to maintain the type of quality for which it is already renowned across the globe. All three share one passion in particular, namely to build modern and high-quality furniture that is made of natural solid wood. They are inspired by the forest and its trees. Choosing high-quality interior design made by Schelbach Home, you can bring a piece of German interior design and forest tradition into your home. Experience the union of furniture design and nature with all your senses.


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