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New Ground
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New Ground is an international team of Architects and Designers founded and lead by Nicolas Guarnotta, a French Architect with over 15 years of international experience.
But New Ground isn’t just an individual, it’s a group of independent specialists who gather to answer specific projects depending of the requirements. Mostly composed of French professionals, our team competences include Architecture, Structure, Lightning, Landscape, Urban and Graphic designs.

Therefore we can answer any of your demands with our always-transforming team, mutating ourselves to fit your very request at any scale of project. We see opportunities in integrating all our competences in order to deliver a really clear answer to our commissions.

Our studio believes that every project carries within its own specifications and constraints, some design opportunities waiting to be unleashed. Our first and most important work is to reveal these inherent opportunities, to enlighten them and give them unexpected new grounds.

During this first process our analyze always challenge the boundaries of the project, the existing conditions, the program and the constraints in order to reveal that which is hidden and unthought-of.

This important work, achieved through communication and analysis, gives each project a specific identity that we feed with a multitude of inputs, historical, contemporary, technical, ecologic, sociological – yet always in harmony with the philosophy and ultimate goal of each client, the wellness of the users and the value of the development.

Also at a time where the shift from the public to private sector has transformed the public spaces into a left over, New Ground stands for renewed thinking where we envision the building as tied to the public spaces around it, the programmatic spaces as much as their connections.
We do not think the project as only the sum of built elements but are always looking to weave a global landscape where fullness and emptiness are given equal importance and dialogue, this, again, at all scales.

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