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Fuyan Commune
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Fuyan Commune is a professional art institute which focuses on China’s modern painting. Since founded,it has been doing a great deal of research on China’s modern painting academically with history of art being as a clue.It has successively conducted exhibitions, academic research and art promotion events for such outstanding artists as Li Qingping, Liu Zhibai, Liang Quan, Wang Jieyin etc.Based on innovative thinking and academic, commercial and industrial operation framework,we are committed to introducing outstanding artists and exchanges of China’s modern and contemporary art in order to promote China’s modern and contemporary art and market prosperity .Meanwhile, it is also a platform for artists, especially for young ones to showcase their creation and it provides references and data for collectors to select good artists.After recent years of development and improvement, Fuyan Commune has practically become a professional and multidimensional art space with Fuyan journals being as the academic support,supplemented by network,multimedia and other promotion channels. Fuyan Commune has established a long-term strategic partnerships with many influential media, organizations and academic institutions. We are making efforts to turn Fuyan Commune into a beneficial,sustainable and excellent contemporary art space.

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