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DOMO Nature was created by Lai Yanan and Yu Hongquan in 2004. The original works of DOMO Nature fully express the inner world of the brand founders as designers, and their views on the living of modern people. The design theme of DOMO Nature is hoping to bring nature, harmony, beauty, and the creation of independent personality in each functional space, and makes the modern people to fully understand the excitement, pleasure and convenience of design. The design concept of DOMO Nature emphasizes the Oriental cultural spirit and the literati plot of China, fully expresses the language beauty of the material, and carries the “aestheticism” through. DOMO Nature insists on designing products under the concept of creating an integrated space. DOMO Nature is a pioneer in advocating and practicing the concept of “system integration design” in China. DOMO’s design works have been the focus of various professional media at home and abroad, and have won many professional design awards and honors. DOMO Nature is the backbone who introduces Chinese original design in western design circles.
In year of 2015,with the reverence for and love of nature and in the name of deliberation, watch and innovative, DOMO Nature created a new collection —-DOMO Life. DOMO life continues the modest and implicit spirit of the DOMO nature. With the moderate design concept, traditional value, craftsman skill, humanistic design of innovation performance , DOMO Life builds the “most life” space and spirits. It is comfortable, heartfelt and naturally matched.

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