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Super First Class- the first domestic business airplane APP platform to fly domestic and international flights- is jointly developed by CAEA (Beijing) Aviation Investment Co., Ltd. and FreeSky Aviation Co., Ltd. As a new business model, Super First Class, abbreviated as SFC, has started the new era of business airplane flying domestic and international flights.

SFC has opened the scheduled flights between Beijing and Tokyo, Beijing and New York, Beijing and Vancouver, Beijing and Sanya and so on at present. With the market developing, SFC will open more domestic and international lines to build a high-end travel platform based onsuper first class and to develop “Aviation Internet Plus”dominated by SFC APP; relying on SFC APP  mobile clients’ platform coverage, SFC will integrateindustry-widebusiness airplane fleet resource to develop a massive platform including super first class, first class, charter, luxury travel and medical tourism in order to provide increasing Chinese medium-to-high end clientswith unique travel mode and all-embracing service.

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