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Beijing 1+1 Art Centre is bearing the functions of art bonded storage, exhibition, trade and auction, assessment and appraisal restoration, and financial services, the center provides facilitated serviced based on its storage service. It is committed to actively participating in and promoting the advancing and development of Chinese culture and arts internationally, while introducing the international culture and arts into China; we will provide a convenient bonded logistics platform and professional services to our partners at home and abroad.


We focus on Chinese classic art, contemporary art and its trends and key figures. At the same time, we strive to discover and support young artists in the community. Through the construction of a larger institutional framework and by carrying on relevant academic practices, we hope to solidify its standing in the history of art and offer a multi-tiered approach to China’s burgeoning art scene. It also promotes international dialogue through exhibitions and events that provide structure for meaningful cultural exchange between Chinese and non-Chinese artists and organizations. In a global context, we believe these opportunities are the greatest means to secure future development of Chinese art.

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