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“Manager” Magazine is a high-end magazine that provides business ideas and solutions for CEO and prospective CEO . “Manager” provides global leading business ideas, provides new theory, new knowledge, and new thinking that are effective for business practices; and provides strategies including strategies, challenges, and challenges for CEO and prospective CEO in business management. Ideas, strategies, paths, methods, tools, and other system solutions.

The CEO and prospective CEO who are positioned by “Manager” have changed very quickly. To win the long-term attention of China’s senior professional managers, they must compete with the needs of these people.

“Manager” adheres to the editorial policy of “problem + answer” and provides strategies for solving the problems that CEO and prospective CEO encounter in the management and management of the puzzles and challenges. Solidly based on this hot land in China, facing the needs of China’s enterprises, market environment, and professional managers come from me, not only the characteristics of the “Manager”, but also its core competitiveness.

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